ESL live mapping now available for 92-98 UK and Import Impreza.

Key Features at a Glance:

Factory drive quality out of the box.

Comprehensive closed loop knock control.

3D boost mapping - no boost controller required.

Can be remapped to incorporate further modifications.

Full OEM Diagnostic control codes.

National dealer support network.

Standard cold start compensations.

Closed loop narrowband lambda control (idle and light cruise).

The OEM JECS ECU is the most capable ECU you can use with your Version 1 or 2 Impreza.

Consider the amount Subaru will have spent developing and testing it specifically for that model range and compare that to the likely budget of an aftermarket manufacturer.

Find another ECU with useful real world features such as closed loop knock control so comprehensive that it can retard ignition, add fuel and modify boost.

How many after market ECUS feature full active diagnostics and 3D boost mapping?

The only major disadvantage of the OEM JECS ECU was its inability to be reflashed. Thats where the ESL Live daughterboard comes in. It allows the numbers in the OEM ECU to be changed to control fuelling, ignition, boost, sensor and actuator swaps (MAF, MAP, turbo, injector, etc). ESL Live will grow with any future modifications you have planned. It is the complete solution for any engine specification.

This is a cost effective alternative to the Apexi Power FC The original ECU is custom mapped (similar to EcuTek) and full factory knock control is maintained.

�680 supplied fitted and custom mapped.


Available for all model years from 92 to 05

One of the main selling points of the AlcaTek ECU is its ability to eliminate the MAF sensor.

This is particularly useful on 92-96 cars where the OE maf is limited to approx 350bhp

Is is also an excellent way to improve the reliability of the 99/00 UK and Sti V5&6 when power output is increased. The additional cost of this ECU is soon offset by eliminating the cost of frequent maf sensor replacement.

This ECU has the ability to hold 2 full maps making it suitable for running different fuels.

Anti Lag and launch control is also available at an extra cost of £150

92-98 from �880 supplied, fitted and custom mapped.

99-00 from �980 supplied, fitted and custom mapped.

01-05 from �1080 supplied, fitted and custom mapped.

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