Recommended Tuning Levels

We have included this section us a guide to what we consider to be the most cost effective steps during tuning. This has been compiled with the benefit of experiencing hundreds of upgrades. There are other parts/turbos that can be substituted but the listed parts we have found to give the most consistant results over many installations.

We do not do parts fitting here and therefore do not put complete pricing info on each level,

The components in the tuning stages are listed in order to allow you to select the most cost effective route to power and in turn allow us to achieve the best results from your car. The price of the individual parts can be found on the other pages.

Our core business is ECU Custom Mapping and Hybrid turbocharger design/building. We are not here to try and sell you the parts with the biggest profit margin, we can however normally recommend someone you can source them yourself or arrange for the garage doing the fitting to supply them.

Due to the many engine variables throughout the years and models we have sub divided into 10 major categories

92-96 UK/WRX/STI/RA (except JDM wagon)

97-98 UK/Euro/WRX

97-98 STI 3&4 & 22B

99-00 UK/Euro/WRX

99-0 STI 5&6/ P1

01-05 UK/Euro WRX

01-05 STI UK/Euro & 01-02 JDM/TYPE RA/SPEC C

03-07 STI JDM 2.0 & TYPE RA/SPEC C

06-07 WRX Euro/UK 2.5

06-07 STI Euro/UK 2.5

There is a separate section on 2.0 - 2.5 Conversions

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