Type R at the track

Customers car in Malta

The original development cars

4WD final at TOTB 6 against Simon Norris 900+bhp EVO

This was at Shakespeare raceway when I managed somehow to miss 4th gear and still ran a low 9' The 1/8th mile speed was 128mph in 5.8 seconds

This run was the fastest to date at 9.16 The fuel pump fuse blew part way through 4th gear., up until that point we had crossed the line at of these days....

Here's what happens when you start adding Nitro Methane to 'dilute' the Methanol on a turbo car

No Nitrous used on this run, 1st was all about wheelspin, 2nd gear hooked up and it took off faster than anything I have experienced to date!
Oh the fun you can have during R&D

That is a 500bhp Skyline in the other lane !

OK, this one isn't our car, its a customer car we tuned in St Lucia, interesting video though ! This is what happens when you don't ensure the steering lock is fully off before being towed.

The car is now fully repaired and runs low 8's

TOTB 2004

Same run from inside the car



Harbour Garage

Port Seton

East Lothian

EH32 0DS